Market Reports



Kel Sullivan from Dillon and Sons reported a total yarding of 750 head at Singleton this week, a total of 100 head more than last week’s sale.


Numbers this week increased but again the quality of the cattle yarded remained very mixed. There were well-bred and high yielding younger cattle suitable for the butcher orders on offer along with a large supply of the plainer mixed breeds.


In the trade yarding this week prices for restockers were significantly cheaper with the best pens of angus steers reaching a top of 248c/kg, down 30c/kg while the pick of the heifers reached 230c/kg, down 10c/kg.


The yearling cattle sold to the feed lots eased 12c to 14c/kg with tops to 248c/kg while the prime conditioned younger cattle to the butchers improved in quality, yield and price with the best pens topping at 338c/kg.


In the export yarding this week prices for the best of the grown steers were several cents per kilo dearer selling to a top of 222c/kg while the pick of the grown heifers yarded reached 207c/kg, up 10c/kg.


There was a slightly larger number of cows available this week with approximately 90 head yarded. Prices were several cents a kilo dearer mainly due to the improvement in quality and yield. The plainer medium weights ranged from 136c to 173c/kg while the better finished heavy weights sold to a top of 203c/kg.


There were only a few grown bulls yarded this week with the tops to 206c/kg.