Market Reports

                                                         HRLX CATTLE SALE 19-01-2022

Consignments increased due to next week's sale being cancelled because of the Australia day holiday and the quality overall was fair to good.

The majority were younger cattle suitable for the restocker and lot feeder orders along with a few in prime condition and more suited for the local butchers.

The export cattle were scarce in the pens. Demand was strong for the younger drafts ensuring prices remained high with only weight, breed and quality contributing to most price changes.

The vealer steers to the restockers ranged from 600c to 828c as the heifer portion also to the restockers received from 606c to 775c/kg.

The yearling steers to the restockers and lot feeders made from 518c to 706c while the heifers ranged from 550c to 658c/kg.

The prime conditioned and higher yielding younger cattle purchased by the butchers continue to sell at a premium with the better end up around the 616c/kg range.

The grown steers to the processors reached 498c, this was attained for the lighter end with 2 teeth as the heavier bullocks made from 340c to 380c/kg.

The grown heifers identified with 2 teeth went to the lot feeder buyers and reached 552c/kg. Young bulls to the restockers returned from 420c to 655c/kg.