Market Reports


There was a total of 610 head yarded at HRLX this week, 200 head more than last week's sale.
Consignments increased for the second last sale for 2020 with the quality on average remaining fair to good, however, there were pens of plain cattle spread throughout the sale.
The majority were younger cattle purchased by the lot feeder and restocker orders whilst good percentages of the high yielding and prime conditioned younger cattle suitable for the butchers were also penned.
The heavier drafts suitable for the exporters were scarce in the pens as the lighter older steers in store condition were well supplied.
The market trend overall was dearer, however, the cows trended at cheaper prices.
The vealer steers to the restockers gained 8c with the medium and heavy weights making from 420c to 535c/kg.
The same weight heifer portion also to the restockers improved by similar values and sold from 440c to 488c/kg.
Yearling steers to the restocker and lot feeder orders improved 11c with the lighter end making from 410c to 476c while the heavier medium and heavy weights sold from 380c to 458c/kg.
The yearling heifers also to feed and returning to the paddock lifted 8c to 10c with the light and medium weights making from 348c to 468c/kg.
The prime conditioned and high yielding younger cattle to the butchers gained 12c with the better end reaching a top of 484c/kg.
The heavyweight grown steers and bullocks sold from 280c to 312c while the unfinished lighter weights to the restockers and lot feeders trended 12c dearer and sold from 284c to 422c/kg.
The heavy weight better covered cows lost 10c and sold from 200c to 258c/kg.
The best heavy weight bull reached 240c/kg