Market Reports

                                                                  HRLX CATTLE SALE 23-03-2022 
Numbers rose by half as many again with an offering of mostly good quality cattle. Included in the penning were consignments of well bred lines of early drafts of yearling and weaner steers and heifers to commence the weaner season.

All the regular buyers attended to a mostly dearer market.

Restockers tendered strong competition through the weaner section to post strong gains in both steer and heifer drafts. There was the odd slip in quality through the heifers that culminated in a slight reduction through that offering.

Light yearling steers to background showed strong gains of up to 30c/kg.

Medium and heavy feeders steers saw strong trends, to be 22c/kg better.

Light and heavy yearling heifers also sold to strong gains, up to 590c/kg to go back to the paddock.

A lapse in quality saw cheaper trends for the medium weight feeder types.

A very heavy pen of heavy bullocks sold to 460c, grown heifers to process 400c to 488c/kg. A very small cow sale saw a cheaper trend.

An offering of PTIC cows sold to 450c, the heifer portion to 605c/kg. Light yearling bulls to feed on 450c to 538c/kg