Market Reports


Numbers decreased for only a very small rain affected market with the quality penned fair to good.

The majority were younger cattle with the
export older cattle scarce in the pens.

The prime conditioned high yielding younger cattle suitable for the butcher orders were spread
throughout the market.

Competition was very strong throughout especially the online buyers.

The over 200kg vealer steers returning to the paddock trended dearer and ranged from 542c to 640c/kg.

The heavier drafts also trended
dearer and reached 528c/kg.

The medium weight vealer heifers also to the restockers ranged from 496c to 568c as the heavier pens reached

Yearling steers to the restocker and lot feeder orders sold to strong competition and received from 416c to 452c/kg.

The heifer
portion to the same orders ranged from 418c to 470c/kg.

The younger prime conditioned cattle to the butchers continue to sell well with the
best of the vealers reaching 514c/kg.

The older steers all sold to the online competition and made from 312c to 336c while the older heifers to the processors reached 348c/kg.

Cows made from 280c to 290c through the different weight and fat cover categories as light weight bull vealers sold particularly well and reached 616c/kg.