Market Reports


There was a total of 570 head yarded at HRLX this week, 409 head more than last week's sale
Numbers tripled compared to the last rain affected market and the breed and quality was fair to good.
The bulk entered the vealer categories with the prime conditioned younger cattle suitable for the butchers limited in supply with the market trend strong throughout all categories.
The over 200kg vealers to the restockers gained 13c as the steers ranged from 410c to 508c while the heavier pens topped at 450c/kg.
The heifer portion received from 408c to 466c/kg.
The yearling steers struggled to remain firm mainly due to the quality offered and ranged from 360c to 404c while the heifer portion made from 346c to 396c/kg.
The prime conditioned younger cattle to the butchers reached 426c/kg.
The better end of the older heifers to the processors ranged from 332c to 350c as the cows received from 262c to 288c/kg.
The single heavy weight bull sold at 260c/kg.