Market Reports



There was a total yarding of 750 head at Singleton this week, only 50 head less than last week’s sale. 

Numbers remained similar this week with the majority of the yarding made up of younger cattle suitable for restocker and feedlot orders. There were pens of prime conditioned calves for the butcher orders scattered throughout the yarding while cow numbers increased slightly in what was a dearer market.

The over 200kg vealer steers to the restockers gained 20c/kg and sold from 260c to 312c/kg.

The heifer portion increased by several cents per kilo making from 256c to 278c/kg.

Prices for yearling steers to the feedlots were fully firm this week even though the quality and finish was slightly down, best pens to 306c/kg while the better end of the yearling heifers to feed sold dearer reaching 286c/kg.

The best prime vealers and yearlings to the butchers gained 8c to 10c/kg topping this week at 334c/kg.

In the export yarding this week grown steers to the processors sold from 256c to 284c while the heavy heifers topped at 258c/kg.


There was big movement in the right direction for cows prices this week with plainer lighter cows selling between 210c to 242c/kg while the better finished heavy weights ranged from 238c to 248c/kg.


There were several heavy grown bulls on offer this week with the pick making 240c/kg, up 20c/kg.