Market Reports

                                                         HRLX CATTLE SALE 15-09-2021

There was only a marginal upward change in numbers to see an offering of young cattle increase their weights to enable local butchers to source product.
Consequently, trends improved through those categories.
Trends also improved for a good quality offering of weaner and yearling cattle suitable for backgrounder and feeder operators.
All the regular operators were present and competing.
Light weight weaner steers sold to dearer trends, topping at 756c/kg to restocking interests. Drafts of heavier calves were sourced by feeders.
Similarly, demand for the heifer portion increased to see a rise of 13c/kg for restocker drafts and good competition for the feeder drafts.
Medium weight yearling feeder steers experienced modest rises, as did the heavy classes. Steers to process sold to substantial rises, as much as 27c/kg. Similarly, feeder heifers improved significantly to sell to a top of 558c/kg. Trade heifers also saw much improved trends.
Heavy grown steers were dearer and heavy heifers to feed on made to 416c/kg. There were limited heavy cows on offer, with heavy 4 score cows up to 26c dearer, selling to 426c/kg.